News & Promotions

  • Earth Day

    Just a couple weeks ago, we celebrated Earth Day! Green Circle salons across Canada and the USA submitted short videos telling why we love Green Circle. It was compiled into a really cool video (starring yours truly, of course!) and shared with the world. As an added bonus to becoming internet famous (haha), Green Circle planted a tree for every salon who participated. How cool is that? Check it out!

  • Instagram with me!

    Instagram with me!

    I've been working on lots of super fun projects these days and started an Instagram account to showcase all the fun things that happen at Rebel Rebel. You will obviously see cool hair transformations but you can also catch a glimpse of all the little details that make me love my job so much. Find me on instagram as RebelRebelGrrl 


  • Going Green: Green Circle Certified

    Going Green: Green Circle Certified

    Rebel Rebel has gone GREEN! I am so pleased to announce that the salon is now Green Circle Certified!

    What does this mean, you ask? It means that I will be taking steps to minimize waste by officially recycling aluminum foils & colour tubes, I will minimize the amount of chemical waste that is flushed down the sink, AND I will be donating all hair "waste" to be used in oil spill clean up!

    As you already know, I try to make green choices at Rebel Rebel (reusable coffee filters, serving fair trade, organic coffee, using cloth hand towels in the bathroom, using cold water for laundry, etc. All small things make a difference.

    I will be applying a $1 "Eco Fee" (plus HST) to all services to help pay for the recycling program and to ensure that the salon continues to make environmentally conscious decisions. As consumers, we pay similar environmental fees when we get an oil change, dispose of old car tires, purchase electronics, we even pay it on bottled/canned drinks! We all have a responsibility to take care of our Earth and this is something simple that we can do TOGETHER. Looking forward to making this BIG CHANGE with you! -E

  • Policy Updates

    Alright folks, I've finally updated my cancellation policy! While I am extremely fortunate to have very few last minute cancellations and no-shows, it has come to my attention that I need a policy in order to deal with these occurences. You can see the link at the bottom of my main page and it can also be found here.

    While it may seem harsh at a first glance, let's remember that Rebel Rebel is a small (but MIGHTY) business. I am a solo hairstylist with a waiting list. Giving proper notice for cancellations can help me get a butt in my chair! (Haha)

    I'd also like to point out that being 15 minutes late for your appointment is now considered a missed appointment. If you think about it, I schedule all of my bookings so that there is very little to no wait time. I strive to be ready for you at the correct time of your booking. Being 15 minutes late will run every single appointment for the day 15 minutes late. It's not fair to the other clients, and hey, it's not fair to me. 

    I really appreciate that you've taken the time to read the policies, you rock!


  • The Art of Colour Correction

    What the heck is colour correction? It's practically any great colour transformation. Yes, it could be the correction of your drug-store-colour-gone-wrong-disaster or it could be removing dark colour from your hair OR it could even be the addition and replacement of colours to your over-lightened blonde mess! (haha)

    I believe there is an absolute art to beautiful colour correction. it requires time, patience, creativity, and a great foundation in colour balancing. I won't lie, I truly believe my formal photography training and my many hours in the colour darkroom has created an almost demonic eye for perfection when it comes to colour. (Again, HAHA) 

    Rebecca is a brunette who had some old permanent colour in her hair and for the first time in her life.. she is BLONDE. I gotta admit, she wears it like a champ!