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  • New Pricing

    That time has come. I am truly sorry for any inconvenience, but I must increase my prices. In the history of my career (from Junior, to General, to Master), I have not made any price adjustments to my current menu even though my costs to run the salon have increased many times over the years and not to mention the additional costs of training. 

    Giving yourself a value is one of the most difficult challenges you face as a creative professional. Today, I share my newly revised price list with you and will be happy to answer any questions in an email or text. Thank you for your support and understanding! Many Thank yous!


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  • Olaplex + Colour Correction

    My friend Kelley came in today for a colour correction. Normally, we would touch up her "bling" with a medium blonde, do a million foils throughout the top and sides, toss in a couple peek-a-boos of purple (and green!) and call it a day. Ok, her regular hair do is pretty involved on my end. haha

    Today, she tempted me with an all-over platinum with purple underneath. What, exactly, is on the table here?

    1. Cover her roots.

    2. Remove the medium blonde base shade without overprocessing the pre-exsisting highlights.

    3. Remove Purple & Green peek-a-boos for a new colour placement.

    4. Don't destroy her hair.

    5. I was double-booked with another cool client so I had to time things perfectly.

    Without hesitating about a 5 hour colour correction, I grabbed the Olaplex and hit the hair! For those of you who don't know how amazing Olaplex is, let me just say, it is a product that I can use to push the limits a little farther without completely compromising the hair. It helps to rebuild bonds in the hair structure while lightener (or colour) is busting them up. 

    Long story short, Kelley is rocking platinum and purple (and she still has all of her hair!)! It was a long process but I am ecstatic with the results!

    *note: This is a colour correction. Thankfully, Kelley sent me some photo ideas of things she liked so I knew we needed more time than our usual appointment. Colour correction takes time, patience, skill, and dollar bills. ;)

  • Cezanne Perfect Finish

    Cezanne Perfect Finish

    A couple weeks ago, I got my Cezanne Perfect Finish certification. Finally, I recieved my product and put it to the test.

    So if you know me, you know my hair is wavy/curly and heavily processed (Do as I say, not as I do). A couple months ago, I lightened my hair a couple times and did some pretty gnarly things to it which left me frizzy and sucky. 

    This is where Cezanne comes to the table. This is a smoothing system which infuses keratin, vitamins, botanical extracts, and sericin (a component of silk) into the hair. The Cezanne Perfect Finish treatment is not a chemical relaxer/straightener, it is a smoothing treatment which smooths the hair while repairing it and softening curl. 

    I love my natural waves, we all know that, but the condition of my hair was compromised so I decided to guinea pig myself with the treatment and to forfeit my coils while gaining hair strength and smoothness. Knowing my fine texture well, I was certain to lose the curl. This is not the promise this treatment makes, it is a reality for my hair type.

    Review: My hair is f#ckin' awesome!!! The before and after pictures are the selfies I took after a rough blow dry (no product, no brushes, no combs). You can clearly see how puffy and frazzled my hair looked before. The after photo looks as though I have flat ironed. It was not ironed. Since doing the service, my hair is shinier, feels healthy, isn't frizzy, and I've gotten a ton of compliments on how nice it looks. I have even had a ton of compliments on my colour even though it has been weeks since I've done it!

    This service requires a consultation and maintenance products. If you would like to make an investment into easy, smooth, healthy hair (and yeah, summer is coming!), gimme a shout. You know I'm not a pushy salesperson and I stand behind this treatment 100%.

  • I made the Top 10!

    I made the Top 10!

    I am such a slacker on the website these days because I've been poluting the internet with hair photos on Instagram! I'm sorry, not sorry. Haha

    I caught wind of an Instagram contest hosted through Framar International. This company creates the little things that you would never consider to be so important in my career. From colour bowls & brushes to foil & foil dispensers, these guys got me covered. 

    All I had to do was post a before and after photo of my best work using their product (in this case, light silver foil - a personal fave!) and they would pick 10 winners to recieve some goodies. Hundreds of people entered the contest from Canada and the United States. Every day for 10 days, they showcased absolutely amazing colour transformations. On the 9th day, they featured ME! I couldn't believe it! I still cannot believe it! I haven't recieved confirmation but from my conversation with the Framar Representative, I think I was the sole Canadian winner!

    It's very hard to put yourself out there amongst your peers, but I encourage everyone in every career field to try it. You learn so much from doing it (win or lose) and it only pushes you to be better. 

    On a side note, I am so lucky to have such rad clients like Ruby Soho who allow me to try new things for them to rock! You are the best!