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  • Rebel Rebel Rebel: The Science of Awesome

    Rebel Rebel Rebel: The Science of Awesome

    Scientist by trade, her modesty is humbling. I can't even describe how awesome Meg is. What a gift to be given creative freedom everytime she sits in my chair and trusts *my* science and vision. 

    E: Since the first time you sat in my chair, you have given me creative freedom with your hair. How do you stay so chill when it comes to new cut & colour day?
    M: I saw SO MANY people getting their hair done by you and crushing it! It would be talked about at least 3-4 times that night! But what I also noticed was even though your body and words were silently observing the awe of your work, I could see your pride shining on the inside. When someone is so confident yet super modest, that earns a certain level of trust. I trust you......and the wine helps too.

    E: Being a natural redhead, were you ever told things would be impossible to achieve with your hair? (And do you think we’ve sufficiently smashed those denials?)
    M: Oh Absolutely! I was told red is too hard to dye (*colour) over and I'll never get quite what I expect. Although we've learned the bleach (*lightener) tolerance levels my hair can withhold, we also learned that these rumours are not true.

    I was also told I can't wear pink. Wellll, I just did.

    E: You have a professional career as a scientist (yes!), has colourful hair or an undercut ever held you back or negatively impacted your career?
    M: Nope, not once! I was a little worried at first, but I've received nothing but positive feedback.

    E: What’s your secret to maintaining your colour and keeping your hair healthy?
    M: Don't overheat it, don't shampoo but still condition every shower, and I use Verb Leave-In Mist. Heat seems to destroy my hair.

    E: What’s your favourite part about appointment day at Rebel Rebel?
    M: Firstly, the company then that feeling you look at yourself and think "WOAH! Am I even cool enough for this hair?!"