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  • Rebel Rebel Rebel: Professional Cool

    Rebel Rebel Rebel: Professional Cool

    I have known Pam for a long time (back in the day, we met at punk rock shows in Cape Breton!). One really cool thing about Pam (besides literally everything), is that she has always found ways to allow her style to shine while working in a very professional field. Over the years, she's gone from short to long to green to blonde and everything in between. 

    E: You always have great style and adventurous hair, do you think there is an age limit to hair styles?
    P: Thank you so much and absolutely not! "Older ladies" like myself can and should have as awesome hair as younger ones haha. Whenever I see someone with white hair and a shock of colour or a cool cut I love it and that's what I aspire to be like!! Cool has no age.

    E: I always lecture people about over washing their hair when it comes to preserving and protecting vivid colour. Do you have any tips and tricks to skipping hair wash day?
    P: I have a rotation of hair styles to hide the fact that I haven't washed it in DAYS... Freshly washed and styled, next day is curled, next day or two is dry shampoo day, next day is pin it up day. Then hopefully it's the weekend and it doesn't matter or you wear a toque haha. You have to get over having oily hair for the first little bit. It gets better and it's not as bad as you think.

    E: People often tell me that they cannot have certain colours in their hair because of the nature of their work. How have you been able to rock any hair colour under the rainbow while working in a professional field?
    P: You get an awesome professional to do your hair for you!! There's a difference between rocking badass colour and looking like a punk from '95 who got a box of Blondissima and some Koolaid. You also just have to own it... Make no apologies... Be confident about your look and if you're not confident just "fake it 'til ya make it". Honestly, people love it and it's a great conversation maker.

    E: What should people know about getting/changing/living with the punkiest of hair colours?
    P: I've learned that you have to be realistic. You can't get a head full of green and go back next time to ask for a head full of red or blond without some planning. Some colours last longer than others, some fade when you wash them often or in hot water and you have to understand that. Your hair doesn't always do what you want it to and you need to trust your stylist like I trust you to be able to make your hair amazing anyway. Be willing to try something new or different and be flexible. I used to go in with pictures of what I wanted but with the texture, colour, length or style of my hair it didn't make sense so, again, I trust you to tell me what will work for me. To me, that's the sign of an incredible stylist ... Someone who will say "ummmm, nope, that's not gonna work for you but THIS will!!" You just gotta go with it!