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    Hair Witch

    I often receive awesome compliments on my work (thank you!!). I get called names like Hair Witch, Hair Wizard, Hair Magician but I have something important to share with you.

    What I do is pretty magical in a way but more importantly it comes from hard work, experience, well thought out formulations, and care. I do a lot of major colour corrections and epic hair changes but ultimately, the work that I create comes from precise processes which take time and creavity. I am governed by my own knowledge & resources as well as the condition & history of the hair I am working with. These big hair transformations require me to be sharp-minded during multi-process services which can take over 5 hours sometimes!

    What I do isn't easy yet I'm the first to undervalue myself. The reality is, I am always humbled by the fact that I get to do what I love for a career.   

    I wanted to share a couple photos of the process of my latest major colour overhaul. Julia came to me with 10 weeks of dark regrowth, vibrant yellow, green, purple, and turquoise. She left with a black shadow root, light purple foiled with bright turquoise, and an underlay of navy blue. It was a 5.5hr process and the results were awesome! 

    Vibrantly coloured hair like this requires specific aftercare. This type of service is not cheap and your investment is in your hands when you leave the salon. The more you shampoo, blow dry, and heat style your hair will definitely affect its longevity! The products you use will affect its longevity. Fortunately, Julia takes great care of her hair and continues to get compliments right up until she ends up in the chair again!

    Honestly, I'm not a hair witch [*Although, admitedly, I think that title is pretty rad]. The magic I do is actually my talent, my expertise, my jam.