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  • Olaplex + Colour Correction

    My friend Kelley came in today for a colour correction. Normally, we would touch up her "bling" with a medium blonde, do a million foils throughout the top and sides, toss in a couple peek-a-boos of purple (and green!) and call it a day. Ok, her regular hair do is pretty involved on my end. haha

    Today, she tempted me with an all-over platinum with purple underneath. What, exactly, is on the table here?

    1. Cover her roots.

    2. Remove the medium blonde base shade without overprocessing the pre-exsisting highlights.

    3. Remove Purple & Green peek-a-boos for a new colour placement.

    4. Don't destroy her hair.

    5. I was double-booked with another cool client so I had to time things perfectly.

    Without hesitating about a 5 hour colour correction, I grabbed the Olaplex and hit the hair! For those of you who don't know how amazing Olaplex is, let me just say, it is a product that I can use to push the limits a little farther without completely compromising the hair. It helps to rebuild bonds in the hair structure while lightener (or colour) is busting them up. 

    Long story short, Kelley is rocking platinum and purple (and she still has all of her hair!)! It was a long process but I am ecstatic with the results!

    *note: This is a colour correction. Thankfully, Kelley sent me some photo ideas of things she liked so I knew we needed more time than our usual appointment. Colour correction takes time, patience, skill, and dollar bills. ;)