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  • Cezanne Perfect Finish

    Cezanne Perfect Finish

    A couple weeks ago, I got my Cezanne Perfect Finish certification. Finally, I recieved my product and put it to the test.

    So if you know me, you know my hair is wavy/curly and heavily processed (Do as I say, not as I do). A couple months ago, I lightened my hair a couple times and did some pretty gnarly things to it which left me frizzy and sucky. 

    This is where Cezanne comes to the table. This is a smoothing system which infuses keratin, vitamins, botanical extracts, and sericin (a component of silk) into the hair. The Cezanne Perfect Finish treatment is not a chemical relaxer/straightener, it is a smoothing treatment which smooths the hair while repairing it and softening curl. 

    I love my natural waves, we all know that, but the condition of my hair was compromised so I decided to guinea pig myself with the treatment and to forfeit my coils while gaining hair strength and smoothness. Knowing my fine texture well, I was certain to lose the curl. This is not the promise this treatment makes, it is a reality for my hair type.

    Review: My hair is f#ckin' awesome!!! The before and after pictures are the selfies I took after a rough blow dry (no product, no brushes, no combs). You can clearly see how puffy and frazzled my hair looked before. The after photo looks as though I have flat ironed. It was not ironed. Since doing the service, my hair is shinier, feels healthy, isn't frizzy, and I've gotten a ton of compliments on how nice it looks. I have even had a ton of compliments on my colour even though it has been weeks since I've done it!

    This service requires a consultation and maintenance products. If you would like to make an investment into easy, smooth, healthy hair (and yeah, summer is coming!), gimme a shout. You know I'm not a pushy salesperson and I stand behind this treatment 100%.