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  • Going Green: Green Circle Certified

    Going Green: Green Circle Certified

    Rebel Rebel has gone GREEN! I am so pleased to announce that the salon is now Green Circle Certified!

    What does this mean, you ask? It means that I will be taking steps to minimize waste by officially recycling aluminum foils & colour tubes, I will minimize the amount of chemical waste that is flushed down the sink, AND I will be donating all hair "waste" to be used in oil spill clean up!

    As you already know, I try to make green choices at Rebel Rebel (reusable coffee filters, serving fair trade, organic coffee, using cloth hand towels in the bathroom, using cold water for laundry, etc. All small things make a difference.

    I will be applying a $1 "Eco Fee" (plus HST) to all services to help pay for the recycling program and to ensure that the salon continues to make environmentally conscious decisions. As consumers, we pay similar environmental fees when we get an oil change, dispose of old car tires, purchase electronics, we even pay it on bottled/canned drinks! We all have a responsibility to take care of our Earth and this is something simple that we can do TOGETHER. Looking forward to making this BIG CHANGE with you! -E