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  • The Art of Colour Correction

    What the heck is colour correction? It's practically any great colour transformation. Yes, it could be the correction of your drug-store-colour-gone-wrong-disaster or it could be removing dark colour from your hair OR it could even be the addition and replacement of colours to your over-lightened blonde mess! (haha)

    I believe there is an absolute art to beautiful colour correction. it requires time, patience, creativity, and a great foundation in colour balancing. I won't lie, I truly believe my formal photography training and my many hours in the colour darkroom has created an almost demonic eye for perfection when it comes to colour. (Again, HAHA) 

    Rebecca is a brunette who had some old permanent colour in her hair and for the first time in her life.. she is BLONDE. I gotta admit, she wears it like a champ!