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  • Rebel Rebel Rebel: The Science of Awesome

    Rebel Rebel Rebel: The Science of Awesome

    Scientist by trade, her modesty is humbling. I can't even describe how awesome Meg is. What a gift to be given creative freedom everytime she sits in my chair and trusts *my* science and vision. 

    E: Since the first time you sat in my chair, you have given me creative freedom with your hair. How do you stay so chill when it comes to new cut & colour day?
    M: I saw SO MANY people getting their hair done by you and crushing it! It would be talked about at least 3-4 times that night! But what I also noticed was even though your body and words were silently observing the awe of your work, I could see your pride shining on the inside. When someone is so confident yet super modest, that earns a certain level of trust. I trust you......and the wine helps too.

    E: Being a natural redhead, were you ever told things would be impossible to achieve with your hair? (And do you think we’ve sufficiently smashed those denials?)
    M: Oh Absolutely! I was told red is too hard to dye (*colour) over and I'll never get quite what I expect. Although we've learned the bleach (*lightener) tolerance levels my hair can withhold, we also learned that these rumours are not true.

    I was also told I can't wear pink. Wellll, I just did.

    E: You have a professional career as a scientist (yes!), has colourful hair or an undercut ever held you back or negatively impacted your career?
    M: Nope, not once! I was a little worried at first, but I've received nothing but positive feedback.

    E: What’s your secret to maintaining your colour and keeping your hair healthy?
    M: Don't overheat it, don't shampoo but still condition every shower, and I use Verb Leave-In Mist. Heat seems to destroy my hair.

    E: What’s your favourite part about appointment day at Rebel Rebel?
    M: Firstly, the company then that feeling you look at yourself and think "WOAH! Am I even cool enough for this hair?!"
  • Rebel Rebel Rebel: Professional Cool

    Rebel Rebel Rebel: Professional Cool

    I have known Pam for a long time (back in the day, we met at punk rock shows in Cape Breton!). One really cool thing about Pam (besides literally everything), is that she has always found ways to allow her style to shine while working in a very professional field. Over the years, she's gone from short to long to green to blonde and everything in between. 

    E: You always have great style and adventurous hair, do you think there is an age limit to hair styles?
    P: Thank you so much and absolutely not! "Older ladies" like myself can and should have as awesome hair as younger ones haha. Whenever I see someone with white hair and a shock of colour or a cool cut I love it and that's what I aspire to be like!! Cool has no age.

    E: I always lecture people about over washing their hair when it comes to preserving and protecting vivid colour. Do you have any tips and tricks to skipping hair wash day?
    P: I have a rotation of hair styles to hide the fact that I haven't washed it in DAYS... Freshly washed and styled, next day is curled, next day or two is dry shampoo day, next day is pin it up day. Then hopefully it's the weekend and it doesn't matter or you wear a toque haha. You have to get over having oily hair for the first little bit. It gets better and it's not as bad as you think.

    E: People often tell me that they cannot have certain colours in their hair because of the nature of their work. How have you been able to rock any hair colour under the rainbow while working in a professional field?
    P: You get an awesome professional to do your hair for you!! There's a difference between rocking badass colour and looking like a punk from '95 who got a box of Blondissima and some Koolaid. You also just have to own it... Make no apologies... Be confident about your look and if you're not confident just "fake it 'til ya make it". Honestly, people love it and it's a great conversation maker.

    E: What should people know about getting/changing/living with the punkiest of hair colours?
    P: I've learned that you have to be realistic. You can't get a head full of green and go back next time to ask for a head full of red or blond without some planning. Some colours last longer than others, some fade when you wash them often or in hot water and you have to understand that. Your hair doesn't always do what you want it to and you need to trust your stylist like I trust you to be able to make your hair amazing anyway. Be willing to try something new or different and be flexible. I used to go in with pictures of what I wanted but with the texture, colour, length or style of my hair it didn't make sense so, again, I trust you to tell me what will work for me. To me, that's the sign of an incredible stylist ... Someone who will say "ummmm, nope, that's not gonna work for you but THIS will!!" You just gotta go with it!

  • Rebel Rebel Rebel: Punk Rock Edition

    Rebel Rebel Rebel: Punk Rock Edition

    Yes, you read it correctly! I'm starting a series of featured Rebels and there is no better place to start than with Kylea. She is a long-time client and friend who not only gives me the freedom to create but she also trusts the process and rocks every new look with confidence and a punk rock attitude. 

    E: You have always been up for new hair looks; what are your thoughts on your style?

    K: My style is something that I unconsciously think about a lot. It’s not that I’m out here thinking how can I push things but rather I feel like when I was younger my style was way more out there, way more I don’t care what anyone thinks I’m going to do it. Since there’s more of an expectation on what you wear my hair kinda allows me to keep that attitude. I think body image is so inherently tied to clothing/style that I just feel pushing the hair limits is easy!

    E: If you could offer any advice to someone looking to let loose or update their look, what would it be?

    K: Honestly everyone says to me all the time “OMG I love your hair, I wish I had the guts to do it” and I think like well it’s not really hard, just do it. Honestly it’s hair, it grows. Hate a colour? It can be fixed. No hair stylist is going to want you leaving their chair lookin a hot mess or upset with your look. You just have to trust that. If there’s something you want to do just do it, don’t over think it. Find a stylist who is going to be honest with you about whether something is suited for your face shape etc and maybe you have to build a plan around a dream or maybe you have to take some steps to get there but just run with it. Go crazy, I hear you only live once, so live your best damn life and throw your full trust into someone’s hands.

    E: Where the hell do you get the confidence to rock any and every hair style and colour?

    K: My confession is that I’m actually really shy and I also can be quiet. Shocking I know. But there is literally no better ice breaker than walking into a room with wild hair. People want to talk about it, people want to tell you how much they love it and wish they could have it. It’s that punk rock attitude of not giving a shit that got me here but being complimented/known for your wicked locks really builds up the confidence. It’s a state of mind. I don’t think wild hair makes someone unprofessional and I also really love shoving that in peoples faces.
    Sometimes a new do takes a few days of living in it, working with it, styling it, sleeping in it etc to fully feel like it belongs to you but once you recognize yourself in the mirror that’s you and you own it. Somedays you just fake it till ya make it.

    E: Redheads and curly/wavy haired people (**Yes, Kylea is a wavy-haired redhead!) are always told there are barriers to what is possible with their hair. What are your thoughts/experiences on that?

    K: All my life people told me I couldn’t have what I wanted because of my red tones. My hair is thick, it’s coarse, it’s does what the hell it wants and that’s totally fine. It took me years to adjust my personal expectations of my hair through trial and error. I had many a bad bleach job, went through so many tubs of manic panic and punky colours and ruined a lot of towels. I learned that expecting a result doesn’t mean you’re going to receive it. Living in PEI for years also meant no access to decent products (I used to smuggle colours back and buy them on eBay) and no access to anyone willing to push the colour envelope. Honestly finding you was a dream because you don’t tell me we can’t do that (maybe not that day but that’s how it is sometimes). There’s things I don’t expect from my hair, like going platinum blonde with ease and absolutely damage free. I also know if I’m moving from one colour to another what happens after the lightener dictates what happens in the end. I don’t go in and say I want this picture I saw on Instagram and I want it today because nine times out of ten that’s a pipe dream. Finding someone killer I can trust allows me to just say go wild and I know it will look amazing. So don’t let my sweet, insane before and afters fool you, we are letting my hair dictate where we end up.

  • Ch Ch Ch Changes

    After countless hours of consideration & some serious soul searching, I've decided that 2017 is the year to make some big changes at Rebel Rebel.

    One of the most challenging changes is with my pricing structure. Some things won't change and some things will change drastically! Starting today, my custom, specialty colour work & corrections will be dramatically increasing. This is my signature work and over the course of many years, I have specialized in creative colour processes, continued my education, and have earned a great reputation for this work. Unfortunately, I have been completely irresponsible for not increasing my prices as my skills & expertise bloomed. If you have any questions, please private message me and we will work together to find some creative solutions.

    Another very exciting change is that you will now find my good friend and amazing master stylist Kate O'Shea working next to me for the next couple months as she starts growing her own business. Kate is a phenomenal stylist and is the yin to my yang — wait until you see her beautiful work! I should add that she is super funny and probably curses as much as I do!

    There will be lots of fun surprises, contests, and giveaways happening over the next few months and I think you're really going to enjoy the new energy at Rebel Rebel!

    I thank you, Rebels, with all my heart for your continued support as we keep shaking up this awesome little city!


  • Hair Witch

    Hair Witch

    I often receive awesome compliments on my work (thank you!!). I get called names like Hair Witch, Hair Wizard, Hair Magician but I have something important to share with you.

    What I do is pretty magical in a way but more importantly it comes from hard work, experience, well thought out formulations, and care. I do a lot of major colour corrections and epic hair changes but ultimately, the work that I create comes from precise processes which take time and creavity. I am governed by my own knowledge & resources as well as the condition & history of the hair I am working with. These big hair transformations require me to be sharp-minded during multi-process services which can take over 5 hours sometimes!

    What I do isn't easy yet I'm the first to undervalue myself. The reality is, I am always humbled by the fact that I get to do what I love for a career.   

    I wanted to share a couple photos of the process of my latest major colour overhaul. Julia came to me with 10 weeks of dark regrowth, vibrant yellow, green, purple, and turquoise. She left with a black shadow root, light purple foiled with bright turquoise, and an underlay of navy blue. It was a 5.5hr process and the results were awesome! 

    Vibrantly coloured hair like this requires specific aftercare. This type of service is not cheap and your investment is in your hands when you leave the salon. The more you shampoo, blow dry, and heat style your hair will definitely affect its longevity! The products you use will affect its longevity. Fortunately, Julia takes great care of her hair and continues to get compliments right up until she ends up in the chair again!

    Honestly, I'm not a hair witch [*Although, admitedly, I think that title is pretty rad]. The magic I do is actually my talent, my expertise, my jam.